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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Ceremony

“This celebrant thing sounds great and all, but where’s the price tag? And what am I getting for my money?”

Well, if you book my full service package you’ll get the classic Celebrant wedding experience - a unique, fully customized ceremony centred around your love story, with as many personal and ritual elements as required. This package includes ongoing phone and email support, unlimited edits and final approval of your ceremony script so there are no surprises on your big day. The going rate for this kind of ceremony in our area is $800 - $1200, with most of my ceremonies being in the $1000 range.

"Do you offer any other packages?" 


If this seems like a lot to you, I get it. This package is the best choice for couples who want a magical, memorable and deeply personal ceremony that is the headliner of their big event. But don't worry if you're looking for more of an opening act. For something a bit simpler and more budget friendly, I offer Short & Sweet, lightly personalized ceremonies starting at $700 and "Quickie with a Kiss" legal elopement ceremonies (for 8 guests or less) starting at $400. Both of these options are subject to limited availability from May to September.

"What if we don't know what we want?"


No problem! I know planning a wedding involves a ton of decision making - you have to choose a venue, decide on food and decor, hire vendors, negotiate your guest lists, pick the perfect outfits and figure out who's going to keep rowdy Uncle Dave away from the microphone. Sometimes the actual ceremony planning ends up on the bottom of the pile. Maybe you've never even been to a wedding before or you have no idea what a non-traditional wedding ceremony might look like. If this is you, don't worry - I'm happy to have a conversation to help you clarify your hopes and wishes for your ceremony and decide which package is the best for you.

About the Logistics

"What is (and isn't) included with your services?"


All my weddings, whether custom or off the rack, feature a wedding script written in my signature heartfelt but playful style, and of course my performance of your ceremony and legal registration of your marriage.


Custom and Short and Sweet ceremonies include a free 30 minute virtual or face to face consultation and planning meeting and ongoing email and phone/text/zoom communication, while elopements include a 15 minute virtual meet and greet and email/text communication.


Unless otherwise indicated, fees include travel up to 30 minutes in each direction from my home base in Victoria, BC. Optional add-ons including rehearsal and additional costs for travel to distant, remote or hike in locations will be discussed during your consultation. 

"When and how do we pay you?" 


Full payment is due at the time of booking to secure your date. Invoices are issued via email and you may pay by e-transfer (


"What happens if we have to cancel?"


I will issue a 50% refund of your full payment if I receive written notice of your wedding cancellation at least six weeks before your wedding date (sent to No refunds will be given for weddings cancelled within six weeks of the wedding date unless due to circumstances beyond your control (eg: public health order or act of nature). 


If you need to make a change to the date, time, and/or location of your ceremony, the change must be communicated in writing and approved before it is confirmed. I will do my best to accommodate any changes but cannot guarantee availability. If I am not available for your new date/time/location, services will be considered cancelled and the refund policy above will apply.

"What happens if we're running late?"

I aim to arrive at least 30 mins early to help make sure your wedding starts on time and that everything goes as planned. Because I may have more than one wedding planned per day, I do need to keep a tight schedule so please be respectful of this and start your wedding on time. Please let me know via phone/text asap if you are running late. I will do my best to accommodate a late wedding but please know I cannot guarantee that I will be able to stay to perform your ceremony. Should you be more than 15 minutes behind schedule, a fee of $50+tax will be invoiced for every 20-minute increment. 

"What can I expect on the day of the ceremony?"

Upon arrival at the venue, I will greet and coordinate with your vendors, share cue sheets and other details, review and prepare your marriage licence, check the sound system (if needed) and ensure any other important items (like your rings!) are accounted for. If you are available, I will check in with each partner for a last minute pep talk and/or grounding moment. After the ceremony, I will check that the marriage licence and register are complete and error free and collect payment if it's in cash. And I know you'll be busy with your loved ones but I would love to get a photo or two with you before I leave you to your celebrations! 


"What do we need in order to be legally married?"

In British Columbia you must purchase a marriage licence within 3 months prior to the date of your wedding. You are in charge of picking up your marriage licence as Wildhearts Ceremonies is not legally able to do this. Please consult your the Vital Statistics of BC website for instructions on exactly how and where to obtain your marriage licence. In Victoria BC, you can get your licence at London Drugs. 

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