“The miracle of your existence calls for celebration
every day.”

~ Oprah Winfrey


Weddings and Vow Renewals

“This celebrant thing sounds great, but where’s the price tag? And what am I getting for my money?”

Well, if you book my full service package you’ll get the classic Celebrant wedding experience - a unique, fully customized ceremony script written just for you, with as many personal and ritual elements as required, unlimited edits, and my performance of both rehearsal and ceremony. All my spring and summer Saturdays are reserved for this package and I only book one a day, so you will have my full attention on the day of your ceremony.


The going rate for this kind of ceremony in our area is $800 - $1200, with most of my ceremonies being in the $900 range.


If this seems like a lot to you, I get it. This package is the best choice for couples who want a magical, memorable and deeply personal ceremony that is the headliner of their big event. But don't worry if you're looking for more of an opening act. For something a bit simpler and more budget friendly, on non-Saturdays and off season, I offer Short & Sweet ceremonies starting at $600.

End of Life and Remembrance Ceremonies

Whether you are planning a funeral, memorial or celebration of life, I carefully craft end of life ceremonies filled with precious memories that capture and share the essence of your loved one with everyone present.


A traditional funeral or memorial will involve a relaxed meeting with me to collect memories and thoughts from close family and friends, drafting of a personalized script and final edits to ensure I’ve got it right before performing the ceremony.  

I also specialize in non-traditional remembrance ceremonies. Smaller and more intimate, these ceremonies are focused on holding space for loved ones to share memories and participate in rituals of connection and healing. 


Prices start at $600 for a typical ceremony. 

Life Transitions and Other Ceremonies

Whether it’s a blessing for expectant parents, a gender transition ceremony or a seasonal celebration, I’ve got you covered.


Prices for these ceremonies are based on size, location, complexity, need and, to be honest, how awesome I think they sound. Sliding scale options are a possibility. Hit me up and we’ll work out a price that fits.

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