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Ceremonies for healing and transitions

Yes, the difficult, the painful, the heartbreaking and the frightening but sometimes even the wonderful, the hard won, the well deserved - all of the change and challenges that make up a life are moments we can mark and honour with ceremony. And ritual and ceremony can provide support and sustenance not just at the beginning or end of a journey, but at any point along the way. 

I am here to help you create just the right ceremony for wherever you are on your path through life. 

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Whether you are "consciously uncoupling" together or going it alone, marking the end of a marriage or relationship can bring about closure for you and your loved ones and support you wherever you are on your healing journey. 

From an old fashioned wake to a new-age love fest, I will help you co-create a ceremony that is just right for you and those you choose to share it with. Or maybe you want to take this journey solo. In that case, I can help you create your own ritual and hold space while you do what needs to be done. 


Gender transition and coming out ceremonies might not be that common, but dammit, they should be! Whether you've ridden the wave well or you've been tossed and turned and barely made it through, living out loud and proud is an accomplishment that deserves to be acknowledged!

I would love to work with you to create just the right fit, whether it's a funeral for your past or a celebration of your present or a little bit of everything.


Sometimes life hits you hard with illness, disability, loss of a job, a home, a pregnancy, or a much desired dream; unexpected change of any kind. Sometimes we've come through the hard times and we want to mark the shift and other times we need to shore up our strength and supports - to call on our helpers and friends to hold us as we walk the hard path ahead. 

Wherever you are on your journey, I would be honoured to offer my skills as a celebrant to help you create ritual and ceremony of support and healing. 

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