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Ceremonies for End of Life

“Ritual is able to hold the long-discarded shards of our stories and make them whole again. It has the strength and elasticity to contain what we cannot contain on our own...”


~ Francis Weller

Funerals and Memorial Services

Losing a loved one is never easy but the way we say goodbye can make all the difference.

A celebrant ceremony is designed to  honour the legacy of the one you've lost. As a trained social worker and Certified Life Cycle Celebrant, I have the skills to hold space for your grief as we journey through a lifetime of memories together to find the stories that highlight the essence of the life they lived and the love you shared. 

How it works

For either a traditional funeral or a memorial, I will usually meet with family and those closest to the deceased, often for up to several hours. Over tea, I'll create the space for you to share stories about your loved one and any memories or history that you'd like to include in the ceremony. I'll ask about favourite music, poetry or other things I could include and I might suggest some readings, rituals or other elements to add depth and meaning to the ceremony. 

After the interview I will write a draft ceremony, which you will have an opportunity to review and suggest any changes before I perform the ceremony.   

Non-traditional Remembrance and End of Life Rituals

If a traditional ceremony isn't your cup of tea, I can offer something more intimate and spontaneous.


Remembrance rituals are usually held in circle with a small number of guests who are given the opportunity to share memories, participate in rituals like candle lightings, letter writing and offering wishes to the departed on their journey. Singing, drumming and meditations are often a part of these rituals, with guests invited to share poetry, music or other offerings as they feel called. 


I'd be honoured to create something to fit your needs. 

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